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Quality, make things simple

As the manufacturer of high grade leather gifts and crafts, BAZA put high priority on quality.

For us, the quality is most important thing we concerned.

In every single steps, we have the procedures of inspection and quality control, from raw materials to finished products.

Why we do this? 

We hope all the customers we served could be the repeat customer if possible. And hope we could be the 1st person that come to your mind if you require such things.

We are worth trusting!

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Contact: BAZA

Phone: 86-182-5017-0034

Tel: 86-182-5017-0034

Email: info@bazaleathercrafts.com

Add: 5F Building A, Yiqiang Industrial Park, Jinzhou North Rd. No.13, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian